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Transformation Through Conversation

My Vision

  • To be in service to an EVOLVING world.
  • To AWAKEN humanity, one human at a time.
  • To support the LEADER within to align with one's purpose and remember that everyone has a contribution to make in life.
  • To bring a NEW approach and perspective to our FREE will to CHOOSE how we show up in this lifetime.
  • To support individual’s, awaken to a true sense of PURPOSE.
  • To reclaim and TRANSFORM the world by shifting fear into trust.

 My Commitment

  • To support the AWAKENING of individuals to recognize that we always have a CHOICE in how we show up in our LIFE.
  • To provide CLEAR direction and PRACTICAL tools in support of raising the consciousness of each individual.
  • To SUPPORT each person to recognize their value and the contribution they have come to make.
  • To come from a place of non-judgement at ALL times

I am a Change Agent!

I am a ‘Change Agent’, facilitating change each and every day in both the Corporate and Holistic world! I was born an intuitive and live in the beautiful City of Vancouver. I have followed my heart and intuition from a young age, inspired by dreams and powerful spiritual experiences along the way.

Once torn between feeling as though I needed to choose between the Corporate and Holistic world, I have learnt to align these two paths and transform my gifts in a coaching and healing capacity that is relatable to all those who are open to change and growth.

Today I am an Executive Assistant, Holistic Coach and Energy Practitioner (Reiki Master) working with Executives and their Leadership teams to help transform organizations into highly communicative and collaborative environments.