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Transformation Through Conversation

Customer Testimonials

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Katja on developing not only my own career goals, which is allowing me to pursue them effectively and with tangible results, but also my personal ones as well! The balance not only her skills but also her energy bring to my life on a day to day basis is absolutely amazing. She’s been able to help me transform my future and follow my passions which is something I never thought I’d be able to do. Her ideas, energy and knowledge base is so expansive that it’s impossible for me to not keep her on speed-dial. Thank you Katja for all you do – you’ve been able transform my life, as well as those closest to me simply by showing me how to proactively go after my goals.”

- Bobbie Charette, Accenture

There was a small and intimate moment that Katja shared with me and has forever been burned into my soul as a moment where I was truly seen for who I am. I carry it with me everyday as one of the most beautiful moments in my life!

- Amber Warnat, Carleton University (TA)

"Katja has been an intuitive guide along my journey through motherhood and my business development, since August 2006. Through sessions with Katja, I have been able to pin point starting points or the simple "baby steps" to developing my business with the knowing that in the end, all will be well. She is more than generous with her gifts and with the time she spends with you. You definitely feel held in light, honored for who you are and guided to your highest good simply by her ability to tap into what you already know. She shines a light in the darker corners to reveal your own truth.

I also appreciated immensely the time she took to do an in home reading and visit at my own home. Having her walk around and see the space I live and work in provided a real opportunity to offer slight room shifts, instant feedback as to what was working in my work space and what could be improved. These shifts lead to clarity and new creativity as well as new abilities to visualize my future after being in a bit of a "slump"."

- Barb McMahon, Founder/Visionary, Sprouting Chefs

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